Johnny G - Live Music - Sat 26th May - now at 7.30 inside!

A lot of songs can claim to have zapped the punk Zeitgeist as 1977 blurred into 1978, but few did the job as well as "Hippy's Graveyard," the second single by Johnny G, a wonderfully eccentric singer/songwriter who emerged along much the same lines as Patrick Fitzgerald, but with an even more endearing edge. Johnny G's first band of note was the early-'70s act Johnny G and The Claimants, although he was already solo by the time his first single was self-released in 1972. Signed by Beggars Banquet in late 1977, at the end of the year he became the first artist outside of The Lurkers to have a single released on the label, the wonderfully un-PC "Call Me Bwana!" "Hippy's Graveyard" followed, alongside an excellent album, Sharp & Natural, G Beat followed in 1979. John has released several albums since then and continues to tour.